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MASNA Live Feb 2012 – LSMAC, New BOD, “Tank Bred” panel, & Ret Talbot
Tue, 28 Feb 2012 22:00:00 -0500
February 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Four short interviews with Lake Superior Marine Aquarium Club members Jay Hanson, Mike Doty, Frank Wotruba, and Jim Grassinger. Map of Esko, MN | Pictures of LSMAC tanks: | Introduction of two new MASNA Board of Directors members Amanda Cox and Carl Nelson. 2012 MBI Marine Breeders Workshop: | Panel discussion on “What does tank raised mean?” with Jim Adelberg, Tal Sweet, Adam Youngblood, Andy Rhyne, Dale Pritchard, Dan Navin, Matt Carberry, Chris Turnier, Rich Ross, and Ret Talbot. MBI Thread on “What does tank raised mean?”: | Toward a Working Definition of Tank-Raised by Ret Talbot: | The Tank-Raised Cuttlefish at Blue Zoo Aquatics: | EcoAquariums PNG: | EcoReef UK: | An update on the house and senate bills in Hawai’i and an introduction of MASNA’s new website, from Ret Talbot |

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