Beginners: LockBoxing Black Belt Academy

So what is a “LockBoxing Black Belt Academy”?

We offer a modern American mixed martial arts curriculum which also contains elements of traditional martial arts practices.  That means we have a set curriculum that students master in a steady systemic and systematic way from white belt to black belt.  The process takes about four years with consistent practice and dedication where we learn to:  Tread Light. Live Right. Play Fight.

(To see class schedule, please click here to go to our live MINDBODY site.  If your student is “inbetween” ages or has siblings, let’s meet…we can help you place your child(ren) in an appropriately fun and challenging group. To read more continue on…)

Alameda Martial Arts is where you go to get your first black belt.  Our program gives students a solid martial arts foundation and education in a recreational mixed martial arts community.

Our LockBoxing MMA Black Belt Academy starts at the white belt “beginner” level and continues until the student has mastered our curriculum comprised of self defense techniques, throws, fall, strikes, grappling, and sparring.  Depending on the student’s commitment to consistent training this process takes about four years with consistent dedication and depending on the age of the participant.

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The black belt is awarded when a student completes the required coursework, including a minimum number of hours and student demonstrates curriculum knowledge along with the performance and athletic skills to demonstrate the curriculum.

The More You Sweat the Better You Get.

Other schools may require tournament participation or even a “win” in various tournament categories.  We want our black belt to represent a scope of knowledge including anatomy and functional movement patterns. Because of the unpredictable nature of tournaments, we chose not to include this requirement in our particular system.  The current fee for black belt training is $500.00 cost may rise without notice.

The Qualities of a LockBoxing BB.pages.fw

As students train to the black belt level, they are also required to learn teaching skills.  As a black belt they are expected to continue in the community as a leader throughout junior high,  and by high school,  an assistant coach.  See our JAWS and CLAWS link under class descriptions for more info.