Age 10* & Up Beginners: M-Th @ 7:00 p.m.

Click on the photo to enroll in a free trial class
Click on the photo to enroll in a free trial class
This vigorous teen class is for beginning to intermediate students.
Our LockBoxing classes are vigorous and focus on physical conditioning as well as breaking down skills such as grappling, joint locks, throws, and striking.

Erik Lee balances his MMA training with his traditional program to keep his students knowledgeable and fit, versed in both classic and modern martial arts techniques.We are committed to finding a fun and fulfilling spot for you at our school, so please feel welcome to come on down and let us help you find a good “fit” for your age and skill and fitness level.

If you have a child who is “big for his age” we are willing to place in a time slot/group that works for you if student meets our requirements.

We realize that families like to train together, so pre-teen sibs (10 & up) can attend by invitation…we like to place your child appropriately by age, size, and maturity level, so come down, take a free class and let’s decide together.