Bragging Rights

AMA Black Belts with Cung Le (From Left to Right): Sylvester Youngblood, Rich Ross, Cung Le, Erik Lee, Zerlyn Ladua, Ray Koppell, Rachel Suson, Linda Urbonas

My Grandpa Arne Lie, was Sonja Henie's partner back in the 1920's
My Grandpa Arne Lie, was Sonja Henie’s partner back in the 1920’s

Grandpa Arne Lie's Bling


Yes, here are some of our current black belts, back in the day, when they were just kids training with us.

Sandra is all grown up, a 3rd degree black belt, an instructor at our school, and a full time CPA.
Vedad Vilogorac was Named “Alameda’s Top Student” and is now at UC Berkeley
Mark Moran is now a 3rd degree black belt and indispensable at work. Check out his seminars!
Charlie Harkins got his 1st degree black belt and is now an assistant instructor and is available for private lessons.
Pranav has been accepted to UC Berkeley!
Sharif has his 2nd degree black belt in LockBoxing and also competed in judo at Alameda High. He is currently at Cal Poly SLO
Rodger got his 2nd degree black belt, graduated UC Davis and is going to grad school to study medicine.


Melissa got her 1st degree black belt, graduated from UC Berkeley and works at Microsoft:  She just got her 1st Patent!
Elaine got her 1st degree black belt and is headed to Harvard University!
Rich has his 2nd degree black belt, is a renown biologist at Cal Academy of Sciences and this image is famous on the web!


Back in the Day Wolfgang was training toward his Black Belt.
Wolfgang got his 1st degree black belt, graduated from Johns-Hopkins University and is now getting his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley.


Mild Mannered Archeologist, Wolfgang Alders, Continues to Spin Caps at the Taekwondo Club.
From 1st place to Coastie with the mostie.

Sharif just graduated from C.S.U. San Luis Obispo and has left to Madagascar to be in the Peace Corps!

Harrison is heading off to UCLA to get a degree in Business Econ! Congrats!

and kind words from Jessi,

“Hello Erik and Maria,

Thank you for everything! You are both absolutely amazing people and I have so much love and respect for each of you. While Ellis off to try new adventures, he will bring with him all that he learned through AMA! You have an amazing program at AMA. Keep up the great work!

Erik, there are no words to express how grateful I am for YOU and the positive impact that you’ve made on Ellis. I believe that 10 years training with you and hearing your positive messages about taking care of your body, mind, spirit, and others help set the foundation for who Ellis is—a beautiful, loving, kind human being. Thank you!!!