2018 Fee

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We like to be very clear about what our program is and what it costs, no mysteries here.

The fee for two classes per week is $130.00

There is a $50.00 registration fee.  If you suspend your account, you will be charged this fee to re-enroll and your rate will raise to the prevailing rate.

Uniforms:  Child $40.00 plus tax, Adult $50.00 plus tax.

Fees are subject to change without notice. These are the rates as of 1/2018.

Note: Your fee reflects an annual tuition of $1560.00 divided into 12 monthly increments.

For families of 3-4, we offer a group discount $300.00 per month.  

For Beginners under 18 (at the White Belt level only) we offer a Once Per Week Option of $80.00 per month.  Your fee will be raised to the prevailing month rate and you will be required to attend twice per week at the yellow belt level. 

Please note:  training once a week will not give you the same conditioning and physical benefits as 2 or 3 classes per week, but it is great for kids/teens who have other sports/exercise options and who want to learn about martial arts, but who are not invested in obtaining a black belt (just yet).  This option will allow you to test for yellow belt eventually, it just takes longer…when you are ready to test, you will need to move to the regular fee option and commit to memorizing curriculum.

Our Intro Classes are designed to help you to understand basic concepts as well as help us to assess your skill level and to recommend classes for you.  Although we follow a pretty traditional white to belt belt curriculum, age and emotional maturity are important factors for deciding where a student will feel ‘most comfortable.’  We try hard to be flexible to allow you to find times that work with your busy schedule.  We’ve been known to put a mature yellow belt in a blue belt class if that is more convenient for Mom and Dad.  Of course, we always try to keep tabs and make sure that each ‘fit’ continues to serve well.

We have an online site “MINDBODY” to enroll in a beginner class, then you can sign in or simply email Maria, the manager, to arrange a good time to come down.  Or just show up 15 minutes before a “beginner” class and we will get you set up.  Easy peasy.

We are very proud of our LockBoxing Black Belt Academy.  What is LockBoxing you say?  LockBoxing was developed by Erik Lee to teach traditional and modern martial arts skills in a comprehensive, traditional manner.   Our graduates excel in other sports as well as academics.  No mysticism here, just people who think hard work is fun and rewarding in and of itself and if we can tell and share some stories of strength, courage, and endurance, then it’s a great day.

To join the Black Belt LockBoxing Academy students must be at least six years old.  Each month students are expected to attend 2-3 times per week consistently. We close on holidays and take some vacations around the standard times, but we always offer “make up days” and try to be very flexible when placing you or your child in an appropriate and engaging class.

Fees are subject to change without notice, so simply ask and remind us to update this page:)

Adults can choose to enroll ($130.00) or simply purchase a 10 class card ($150.00) to train when they can.

If you are at all confused by our scheduler, simply email us and we will get right back to you.  We want you to take a free class and we want it to be easy.  We want to know if our website is confusing…so keep us posted…:)

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