Benny “The Jet” Survey Input Needed!

Dear AMA friends, practitioners, and parents

We need your input!

We have a very unique opportunity to host the most prolific kickboxer, Sensei Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, at Alameda Martial Arts. Sensei Urquidez holds a black belt in 8 martial arts disciplines and is the longest standing undefeated kickboxing champion at 63-0 for 27 years. He is the only fighter in history to have retained six World Championships in five weight divisions. Sensei Urquidez was named Black Belt Magazine’s Fighter of the Year and inducted into their Hall of Fame. He became an international movie star in his own right, appearing with Jackie Chan, John Cusack, and Jean-Claude Van Damme; and simultaneously trained with and choreographed fights for Hollywood A-listers like Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Patrick Swayze, and Mark Wahlberg. His most recent appearance was the 2002 Spider Man movie where he play a thug in the ally chasing Mary Jane Watson played by Kristen Dunst.

But above and beyond all his other accomplishments, Sensei Benny “The Jet” Urquidez is and always has been, first and foremost, a teacher. He passionately trains his students and holds seminars across the planet – which is where you all come in.

In order to host Sensei Urquidez, we need strong commitment of 30 participants for his seminar. The seminar fee would be $50 per participant and all are encouraged to participate – practitioners, parents, friends and family members. At this time the goal is to hold the seminar in January at Alameda Martial Arts.

To help us gauge the level of interest for the seminar, please take a moment and answer the following questions. Please remember we need strong commitments before we reach out to Sensei Urquidez.:
· Would you attend this seminar if it was offered?
· Would you invite others to attend this seminar if it was offered?
· What would keep you from participating in this seminar if it was offered?

email us at

Thank you and we will inform you if we can move forward with the seminar.