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Skeptical Reefkeeping 14: Everyone Can Do Science

From Reefs Magazine
By Richard Ross

 In reefkeeping, there are a million products and techniques, each claiming to be a necessary ingredient for a successful reef tank. The problem is that many of these claims have little, if any, evidence to support them – so how are we supposed to know which ingredient, product or method is […]

Skeptical Reefkeeping 13: Is the Hobby Morally Justifiable?

A Conversation Between Nathan Hill and Rich Ross  From Reefs Magazine For American readers unfamiliar with Nathan Hill, he might considered my analogue in the UK – he is a regular contributor to Practical Fishkeeping where he often tackles hobby issues from the stance of ethical, critical, and consistent thinking, while trying to get the […]

Skeptical Reefkeeping 11- Ethics of Animal Selection

From Reefs Magazine In our hobby, there tends to be mostly a super market approach to purchasing animals – you go to a store and select the animal you want from an array of holding tanks containing animals waiting for a new home. While such a selection seems great, it also creates an environment that […]

Skeptical Reefkeeping 10 – The Power of Anecdote

From ReefsMagazine by Richard Ross In the last nine installments of Skeptical Reefkeeping we have looked at varied topics from phosphate to marketing to fallacious lines of reasoning to communication. One of the through lines all along has been the idea of anecdote, and generally, why it isn’t to be trusted. In this installment of […]